Resources for new residents

Rules regulating your property

Neighborhood Trust Agreement

  • The Trust Agreement specifies the neighborhood rules over and above the St. Louis County Ordinances which regulate your property. As a Robinwood West resident, you must obey these rules.

  • Examples of times when you should contact the trustees

    • If you are building a fence

    • If you are installing solar panels

    • If you are doing a construction project which might impact the rules in the Agreement

    • If you are having an issue with a neighbor and you want some guidance

    • If you notice an issue or have a question about the common ground like the islands, the sidewalks, the streets, etc.

St. Louis County Ordinances

Neighborhood leaders


    • In general, contact the RWCID Board for questions and comments related to the pool, community center, and surrounding area. The RWCID board and the Robinwood West Trustees regularly communicate, so if you raise an issue to any one of us, we will share your concern and get you in contact with the correct person.

      • President: Joe Stirmlinger -

      • Vice President: Tom Schoeffler -

      • Treasurer: Kevin Moss -

      • Secretary: Stephanie Michael -

      • Director: Noel Day -


    • In general, contact the trustees when completing a real estate transaction, and for questions and comments relating to anything else in the neighborhood e.g. trash, safety concerns, issues with common grounds or neighbors. We are here to help if you're having a problem and you're not sure how to handle it. The RWCID board and the Robinwood West Trustees regularly communicate, so if you raise an issue to any one of us, we will share your concern and get you in contact with the correct person.

      • Trustee email address: (email to this account goes to all trustees)

        • Directly reach any of us trustees here

          • Chelsea Foster -

          • Tom Nummela -

          • Marc Green -

      • Or mail us at P.O. Box 411011, Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Who to contact if you have an issue

You can always contact your trustees to help guide you through any neighborhood situation (see email addresses above)

Animal Control

    • If a dog bites you or your dog, it is critical to call Animal Control and report it in a timely manner. Just calling the police is not enough to get the issue documented so action can happen if needed.

Non Emergency Police

Gateway 311 - Service requests

Contact info for services


    • We are Opted Out of the St. Louis County Trash program, so each resident must arrange their own trash with the company of their choosing

      • Trash service should cost ~$35 / quarter for trash + recycling, and ~$35 / quarter for optional yard waste

    • Company info for each provider

Republic Services

Waste Management

Meridian Waste

Waste Connections

        • Does not service our neighborhood






Mo Am Water




Common Ground

  • The Common Ground surrounding our Community Pool is owned by the trustees. It is adjacent to the land owned by RWCID, Ameren, and the Water Company. We partner with RWCID and those entities to keep the area mowed as best we can. Every year it is a challenge to get the utilities to mow frequently enough, but we do the best we can.

Volunteer Opportunities

    • RWCID Board has lots of volunteer opportunities -- please email Joe at or attend a monthly RWCID meeting if you're interested in helping

    • Trustees often have projects that we need help with, and know of residents who need help, so please email the trustees at if you're interested in helping


Book Club

      • A group of residents gets together to discuss a book every month or so -- see more here Book Club, or contact Brittany Morgan for more info

Robins on the Go

      • A group of residents gets together for monthly lunches, usually on Wednesday's at 11:30 AM -- see more here Robins on the Go, or contact Erica & Dave Hood for more info